The Melrose City Council, at their first meeting in January of 2020 will give consideration to making appointments to the following positions for the various offices whose terms are expiring:

1. Public Utilities Commission – 3-year term

Term expiring:  One member to be appointed

2. Planning and Zoning Commission – 4-year term

Term expiring: Two members to be appointed

3. Melrose Area Development Authority  - 6-year term

Term Expiring:  One member to be appointed

4. Melrose Housing and Redevelopment Authority – 5-year term

Term Expiring:  One member to be appointed

Any individual that wishes to be considered for possible appointment to the offices listed above should submit their application to City Clerk Patricia Haase, 225 1st Street NE, Melrose, Minnesota, 56352 by no later than Friday, November 8, 2019. The applications are available at the Melrose City Center.

Dated this 16th day of October 2019 at the City of Melrose, Minnesota.





Sealed bids will be received by the City Clerk of Melrose, Minnesota, at the Melrose City Center, 225 1st St. NE, Melrose, MN 56352, until 11a.m. on the 7th day of November 2019, for three phase transformers, at which time the bids shall be publicly opened and read aloud.

The general nature of the Bid is (1) 2,000kVa, (1) 1,500kVa, (4) 1,000kVa, and (1)300kVa three phase transformers.

Suppliers desiring a copy of the documents for individual use may obtain them by contacting Roger Avelsgard at (320)256-4278 or Patti Haase at (320)256-4278.  

All quotes shall be made on proposal forms furnished Melrose Public Utilities

Melrose Public Utilities reserves the right to defer acceptance of any proposal for a period not to exceed thirty (30) days after the date proposals are received and no proposal may be withdrawn during this period.  Melrose Public Utilities also reserves the right to reject any or all bids and enter into such contract as it shall deem to be in the best interest of Melrose Public Utilities.

Dated this 11 day of October, 2019.  


                                                                          By /s/  Patti Haase                                             City Clerk




Notice of Hearing on Proposed Assessment

for Unpaid Special Charges at 208 Second Avenue NW

Notice is hereby given that the Freeport City Council will meet at 7:00 p.m. on October 29, 2019 at the Freeport City Hall, 125 Main Street East, in Freeport, Minnesota to consider, and possibly adopt, the proposed assessment for Unpaid Special Charges at 208 Second Avenue NW.  Adoption by the City Council of the proposed assessment may occur at the hearing.  The area proposed to be assessed is 208 Second Avenue NW.

The proposed assessment roll is available for public inspection with the Freeport Clerk-Treasurer.  The total amount of the proposed assessment is $450.00. Written or oral objections will be considered at the meeting.  No appeal to district court may be taken as to the amount of an assessment unless a written objection signed by the affected property owner is filed with the Freeport Clerk-Treasurer prior to the assessment hearing or presented to the presiding officer at the hearing. The Freeport City Council may upon such notice consider any objection to the amount of a proposed individual assessment at an adjourned meeting upon such further notice to the affected property owners as it deems advisable.

An owner may appeal an assessment to district court pursuant to Minn. Stat. § 429.081 by serving notice of the appeal upon the Mayor or City Clerk-Treasurer of Freeport within 30 days after the adoption of the assessment and filing such notice with the district court within ten days after service upon the Mayor or City Clerk-Treasurer.

Joan Wall, 

City Clerk-Treasurer