Hearing Notice

Stearns County Ditch #9

Be advised that the Sauk River Watershed Drainage Authority (SRWDA) has scheduled a hearing in accordance with Minnesota Statutes 103E.351 regarding the Redetermination of Benefits proceedings and to take testimony regarding the Final Viewers Report for Stearns County Ditch #9, filed with the SRWDA on September 14, 2017.  The hearing will be held at Melrose City Center, 225 1st St NE, Melrose, MN 56352, November 28, 2017 beginning at 7:00 p.m.  All landowners assessed to this legal drainage system are invited and encouraged to attend and participate.  The Viewers Report is available for review at the Sauk River Watershed District Office, 524 4th Street South, Sauk Centre, MN  56378.




524 - Fourth Street South, Sauk Centre, Minnesota 56378

(320) 352-2231 phone (320) 352-6455 fax

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE: The Board of Managers of the Sauk River Watershed District will hold a public hearing on the adoption of a proposed rule related to the enforcement of buffer requirements on public ditches under its jurisdiction. The hearing will be held at the Board’s regular meeting at 6:30 p.m., Tuesday, November 21, 2017, at the Sauk River Watershed District office located at 524 Fourth Street South in Sauk Centre, Minnesota. All interested parties are welcome to attend the hearing and provide comments. A copy of the proposed rule can be viewed on the District’s website at http://www.srwdmn.org/.





“A Resolution to Set Public Hearings on a Proposal to

Make the Stearns County Recorder Position Appointed”

WHEREAS, Laws of 2017, Chapter 92, Article 3, Section 4 authorizes Stearns County to appoint a County Recorder after conducting two public hearings; and

WHEREAS, the Stearns County Board of Commissioners, acting under the authority granted in Laws of 2017, Chapter 92, Article 3, sec. 4, hereby proposes a Resolution to make the position of County Recorder appointed and no longer elected; and

WHEREAS, pursuant to said Law, the incumbent County Recorder shall serve in that capacity, performing all duties required by statute, until completion of the term of the elected office or, until a vacancy occurs in the office, whichever occurs earlier; and

WHEREAS, the Stearns County Board of Commissioners believes the appointment of a County Recorder will help to ensure long-term professional management of the Recorder function and will create opportunities for beneficial organizational changes.

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED the Stearns County Board of Commissioners hereby schedules public hearings on the proposal to make the County Recorder positon appointed as follows:

Date Time    Location

November 28, 2017 5:30 p.m.   County Board Room, 

   705 Courthouse Square,    St. Cloud

December 12, 2017 9:30 a.m.   County Board Room, 

   705 Courthouse Square, 

   St. Cloud 




Sealed bids will be received at the Melrose City Center, 225 1st Street NE, Melrose, MN 57069 until 1:30 p.m. on the 13th day of December, 2017, for Furnishing 15 kV Switchgear and 69 kV Control Panels for Melrose Public Utilities, at which time the bids shall be publicly opened and read aloud. The Commission will act upon the bids at a future meeting TBD.  

The general nature of work on which the proposals will be received consists of furnishing and delivering and installing:

A new lineup of 15 kV indoor metalclad switchgear including fourteen (14) vacuum circuit breakers, with related controls and accessories.  Along with two 69 kV Control Panels.

The above equipment shall be in accordance with the specifications and proposed form of contract now on file in the office of Melrose Public Utilities (MPU) in said City of Melrose, Minnesota, by this reference made a part hereof, as though fully set out and incorporated herein.

All bids shall be made on bid forms furnished by the Engineer and shall be accompanied by bid security in the form of a certified check or bid bond, made payable to Melrose Public Utilities, Minnesota, in the amount of ten percent (10%) of the bid, which security becomes the property of Melrose Public Utilities in the event the successful bidder fails to enter into a contract and post a satisfactory Performance Bond.

Material suppliers desiring a copy of the proposal forms and specifications for individual use may obtain them from the office of DGR Engineering, Rock Rapids, Iowa, telephone (712) 472-2531, fax (712) 472-2710, website www.dgr.com, e-mail dgr@dgr.com, no deposit required.

Payment to the Contractor will be made on the basis of ninety percent (90%) upon certification of work completed monthly with a ten percent (10%) retention held.  The total ten percent (10%) retention held will be released coordinating to the Contract Documents.

Delivery and installation of the 15 kV switchgear and Control Panels is desired by July 9, 2018.  

Melrose Public Utilities reserves the right to defer acceptance of any proposal for a period not to exceed forty-five (45) days after the date proposals are received and no proposal may be withdrawn during this period.  Melrose Public Utilities also reserves the right to reject any or all bids and enter into such contract as it shall deem to be in the best interest of MPU.


             By /s/ Patti Haase                   

   City Clerk