Over 70 from Sauk Centre National Guard attend event


Over half a year ago, the Sauk Centre National Guard Anzio Company were deployed across Syria, Kuwait and Afghanistan. On Jan. 28, those troops returned to Sauk Centre by bus to be greeted by friends and family. Then, on June 24, over 70 soldiers of the company returned to Sauk Centre to American Legion Post 67 for an appreciation dinner held by the Sauk Centre Lions Club, the Sauk Centre American Legion and other local organizations.

Allan Ulbricht with the Sauk Centre Lions Club and Scott Kowski with the Sauk Centre American Legion spoke at the beginning of the event to thank the troops for their service and inform them of the support available to them in their own communities. Kowski let the solders know that not only could they join their local American Legion chapters, but because they served in an active war zone, they were also eligible for Veterans of Foreign Wars membership. Benefits of the memberships include healthcare and education.

“One of the biggest benefits of joining the National Guard here today is the education benefits,” Kowski said. “You can go to school at practically any state college for nothing…You guys have earned it, you guys deserve it and, most of all, we thank you for what you’ve done.”

As a more immediate gift from the community, the Anzio Company troops received gift bags and commemorative glasses with the company soldiers’ names. After dinner of roast beef, mashed potatoes, corn, coleslaw, bread, bars and drinks from the American Legion bar, a raffle was held for a variety of items including $50 gas cards, a water bottle basket, a Minnesota plaque, a s’mores kit and three quilts made by the Eagle’s Healing Nest.