The Minnesota Department of Agriculture and the University of Minnesota extension held an open house to give a presentation about the invasive emerald ash borer and the county’s quarantine at Sauk Centre City Hall May 9 in Sauk Centre Representatives from MDA were Jennifer Burington, Katy Mutschler and Danielle DeVito, with Rachael Nicoll and Katie Winslow representing the University of Minnesota.

The following questions were asked during the presentation and answered by Burington. 

How many EAB adults are found in an infested tree? If any adults are present in the tree, they will be in the middle to the top of the canopy. Infestation starts at the top of the tree where the branches are about 3-6 inches in diameter. If the tree is infested for about five years, the adult EAB will be at eye level. 

Will cold weather kill the larvae? It needs to be negative 30 degrees air temperature to get over 90% of the larvae to die underneath the bark, taking into consideration 1-2 degrees of insulation from the bark. Studies are still being conducted to see if this year’s cold weather had any effect on larvae death.

How does EAB travel on its own to infest trees? Adult beetles fly, traveling a distance up to two miles in a spread or five miles in their lifetime.

Does EAB infest other trees? EAB has been found completing its life cycle in white fringe trees. 

When can an infested tree no longer be saved by treatment? Three years. At this time, there may be multiple woodpecker holes or the canopy has declined to less than 70%.

What is the cost of trunk injection treatments? $6-$10 per (trunk) diameter inch.

Will a tree need to be cut down if treated? Treatments need to be repeated to be successful. If a treatment is stopped, then the tree will need to be cut down.

How are infected trees disposed? First, follow city ordinances when removing trees. Options for tree removal include dropping the tree at the site, chip tree material, mill or use clean wood for a byproduct, or burn the wood by bringing it to a receiving facility.

How long will the quarantine last? Quarantines are indefinite.

Will Todd and Pope counties be quarantined because of their proximity to Stearns County? No. Quarantines limit how much human-assisted movement the insect has. People can move (wood) within Stearns County and can move to other touching quarantined counties.

What kinds of firewood are regulated? All firewood is regulated, as long as it’s less than 4 feet in length. Firewood over 4 feet long and not ash can be brought into the county. Also, marked certified firewood, typically found at gas stations, is safe to move.

Is there legislation to help with this infestation? There is legislation in both the state house and senate to grant funds to communities, cities and townships to help manage EAB.

 What state has come up with the best way to contain the infestation? Minnesota. Only about 21% of the state’s counties have EAB.

A daily updated map showing EAB infested areas and quarantine boundaries is available at; infested trees can be reported to 888-545-6684 or Visit for details on how to report signs of EAB. More materials and information are available at Sauk Centre City Hall.