June is dairy month and what better way to enjoy the very best of the dairy industry than in the form of ice cream. Whether in a bowl or in a cone, having 16 options of premium goodness is bringing smiles and joy to many, just as owners of The Scoop of Avon had hoped. 

When Chad Moon and Aubrey Wester saw a For Rent sign on the door of what once was a video rental store along Blattner Drive in Avon, they saw an opportunity. 

“We come to Subway all the time and kept seeing that empty space next door,” Aubrey explained. “Finally, we were like, ‘It would be really cool to do something with that!’”

Aubrey and Chad, who live in Avon, decided the empty space next to the sandwich shop needed something a little sweet to add commerce and offer something special to locals and visitors alike. 

“Everyone loves ice cream!” Aubrey said with a smile. “So we decided a seasonal ice cream shop would be the perfect fit.”

With Aubrey and Chad as co-owners, they rounded up the help of Aubrey’ son, Caleb Lau and Chad’s daughters Alli and Amber Moon to pitch in; among their tasks, the kids take care of social media and other tech-related needs and Caleb is training to be the store’s manager. The couple has even found ways for their 2-year-old daughter, Avery Moon, to help out, whether through taste testing or preparing to be a future server. 

“It has been a really great family experience,” Aubrey said. “We have all come together for this and the kids are great – they have been so professional. We hope this will help them learn about business and how to be successful.” 

After taking the leap into the ice cream business, Chad and Caleb spent two-and-a-half months taking charge of much of the physical renovation that was needed to create the ice cream shop, which is now painted in bright, fun colors (selected by Aubrey and the girls) with seating in the back room where eventually, Alli will use her artistic abilities to create murals.

At the front of the store, on June 1, employee Maggie Headlee delved out samples to curious customers – their eyes lighting up as they tasted the high quality ice cream. The samples are delightful, but they also can make final decisions a little tricky.

“We chose to work with The Chocolate Shop, based in Madison, Wis., because they are known for their good, premium ice cream,” noted Aubrey, who said searching online for a supplier led them to the highly rated company. 

After Chad, Caleb, Alli and Amber spent a day in training with the company in Wisconsin, it was time to pick and choose the flavors they would offer in Avon. 

From classic vanilla to a colorful concoction known as Superman, there is something for everyone to try. And, while they always have 16 varieties, The Scoop keeps an eye out for different varieties to swap in and out, giving customers a chance to experience something new when they come back for more. Serving options vary as well, including bowls, cake cones, waffle cones, waffle bowls and floats. 

“We get a lot of suggestions and ideas – not just on flavors, but on all kinds of things with the business, which has been helpful as we get this started,” Aubrey said. 

The Scoop of Avon will be open from spring through early fall and current hours of operation are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 3-9 p.m.; Friday 12-9 p.m.; and Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. (closed Mondays). 

So far, the family and their three additional employees are finding success as they serve up joy by the scoopful. 

“Seeing the smiles and making people happy is our main goal,” Aubrey said. “So far, that goal is being met!”