Unadopted Minutes


Albany Area Schools – ISD #745

St. Martin City Hall

August 8, 2018


The meeting was called to order by Chair Winkels at 7:00 pm.


Present: Winkels, Kreuzer, McLachlan, Paulsen, Hansen, Gersch

Absent: Carbajal

3. Public Forum - none

4. Agenda- Additions or Deletions - none

5. Approvals

5.1 Previous Meeting Minutes

Motion by Kreuzer, seconded by Paulsen to approve the minutes from the July 11, 2018 Regular School Board Meeting. Supported by all present.

5.2 Cash Flow Report—June 2018

Motion by Gersch, seconded by Hansen to approve the June Cash Flow Report. Supported by all present.

6. Consent Agenda

AFT: Amanda Wilwerding, Classroom Music

Christine Manthe--Lane Change BA/BS+45 to MA+30

Aaron Boyum--Lane Change BA/BS+15 to BA/BS+30

Learning Adventures:

Lead Team: Steve Stromme



EXTRA CURRICULAR: Mike Kleinschmidt, Head Football Coach

Samantha Sell, Assistant Swim Coach

Kelly Klasen, 8th Gr Volleyball Coach

KIDS CO: Morgan Heidgerken, Madalyn VonWahlde, Katelyn Hartwig,



CE: Summer Camps:Ann Ressler, Sonya Hoffarth, Scott Mclachlan, Vance Ressler, Daniel Fragodt, Aaron Boyum, Brian Hines, Vanessa Solarz, Dave Huberty, Grant Johnson, Cory Schlagel, Dave Dirkes, Alex Evan, Al Amdahl, Aaron Boyum, Brian Bierbaum, Zach Dingmann, Dave Huberty, Brittni Jansky, Courtney Buerman, Madison Schmitz, Tiffany Freyamn, Danni Toughill, Josie Fourre, McKenna Leyk, Emily Johnson, Amber Swarthout, Sidney Schiffler, Connor Huberty, Ben Eli, Anders Amdahl, Peyton Dingmann, Quinn Jensen, Jessica Klaphake, Beka Stone, Greta Noska, Sam Schlangen




McKenzie Dotzler, Kids Co-effective August 1, 2018

Amanda Zierden, Kids Co-effective August 27, 2018


$50.00 Anonymous - Family Outreach R#56018

$41.40 Avon PTA - Special Persons day R#56018

$461.40 - Avon PTA - Family Fun Night R#56018

$105.00 - Misc Donation - Avon R#56024

$105.00 - Misc Donation (2) - Avon R#56024

$715.95 Huskie Boosters - Field Drag R#56024

$150.00- CentraCare Clinic- Purple Pride 5K Sponsor R#56026

$1,000- Dairy Queen- 18-19 BEAT Season Gold Sponsor R#56031

Motion by Kreuzer, seconded by Gersch to approve the August Consent Agenda. Supported by all present.

7. Reports

7.1 Building Project Updates - Ryan Breitbach reported. Landscaping being done around new buildings. Some rain runoff improvements made this week. Old Band & Choir room renovations going well. FACS area should be done by the start of school. Little Theater renovations underway requiring some changes for handicap accessibility. Some pool tile improvements done. The Greenhouse plans are more costly than planned. Changes/options being looked into.

7.2 Purple Pride - cards read. A special thanks given to Tim Wege for his work with the new Infinite Campus system. Congratulations to the Albany 13-15 year old Babe Ruth baseball team that made it to the World Series. Also, purple pride to the Albany Marching Band for its performances this summer.

7.3 Enrollment Report - stable enrollment over the summer.

7.4 Community Education Report - Cassie Novak presented information on the Community Education Department including a Wellness Update. She reviewed the new Eleyo software, progress on goals, and focuses for the next year. These include: BEAT programming, Kids Company improvements, and increasing programs for and collaborations with Senior Citizens.

8. Business

8.1 Superintendent Evaluation Summary - Chair Winkels shared the plan for the summary.

8.2 BEAT Manager Approval

Motion by Gersch, seconded by Kreuzer to approve the BEAT Manager position. Supported by all present.

8.3 Employee Handbook

Motion by Paulsen to approve the Albany Area Schools Employee Handbook. However, after discussion, he withdrew the motion. Supt. Johnson will make revisions and collaborate with some staff to receive more input.

8.4 Negotiation Updates - Supt. Johnson shared the progress and gave brief updates of the ongoing negotiations of several groups of staff.

8.5 Policy 509 Enrollment of Nonresident Students – Third Read

Motion by Kreuzer, seconded by Gersch to approve Policy 509. Supported by all present.

8.6 August 22nd Work Session Agenda - reviewed and set agenda topics.

8.7 August 27-30th Workshop Week Schedule - The schedule was shared with board members.

9. Committee Reports

Minutes attached to Boardbook.

9.1 WCED Board Meeting

9.2 Summer MSBA Seminar

Paulsen gave a short summary of the Summer MSBA Seminar that was held Monday, August 6.

A schedule of board related meetings can be found on the district website.

10. Superintendent Report

1. Back to School Launch Days seemed to be a success. Will review with Admin staff and at Board Work Session.

2. Cancelling Affiliate Group Meeting for August 9. Will reschedule in Sept or Oct.

3. ALICE Training will involve 30 people. 15 are our staff, 15 are first responders or staff from other Districts.

4. Purple Pride by the Lakeside event by the Ed Foundation will be Friday, October 26.

5. Three school board positions are up for election this year. Filing deadline is August 14.

11. Adjournment

Agenda completed at 8:55 pm. A motion to adjourn was made by Kreuzer, seconded by Paulsen. Supported by all present.

Patricia Gersch, Clerk

Greg Johnson, Superintendent




School Board Briefs

Board Chair Higgins called the July 11, 2018 Work Session of the School Board of ISD #738 to order in the Board Room at 6:00 PM

Pat Overom with ICS, Jodie Zesbaugh and Barbie Doyle from Ehlers Financial were at the meeting to provide information on the Referendum and Levy. 

Mr. Overom distributed a revised facility cost sheet on the proposed referendum projects. The Board reviewed it, no changes were made.

Question #1 language was reviewed. Ms. Zesbaugh informed the Board that the first part of the question is required as is and that the second half can be changed. The Board revised the question listing all the key points that will be included in the project which totals $11,140,000. 

Question #2 is to increase the School District’s general education revenue by $200 per pupil for ten years. This revenue will be used to keep up with Technology needs replacing old outdated machines, ipads, chrome books, boards and infrastructure.

Ms. Zesbaugh also presented the following information items: 

Estimated tax impact chart 

Estimated tax impact chart from the 2017 election

Timeline for bond referendum 

Timeline for operation referendum 

Detailed debt plan chart showing the estimated tax rates for your existing and proposed bonds

Detailed calculations related to the operating referendum question

Ms. Zesbaugh recommended refinancing the existing bonds. This could be approximately a $40,000 savings, which goes back to the taxpayers including tax & interest.

Lastly the Board set dates and times for the informational meetings.  

First meeting 8:00 PM Tuesday Sept. 18th in the LMC

Second meeting 6:00 PM Monday Oct. 8th in the LMC

It was also decided to have information out at open houses on August 29th.

Next Work Session is scheduled for August 1st at 6:00 PM in the board Room.

This article is a summary of the minutes. The full text is available for public inspection at the District Office or online at http://www.isd738.org/school-board-meeting-agendasminutes.html.



Holdingford School Board Briefs

Board Vice-Chair Meier called the August 1, 2018 Work Session of the School Board of ISD #738 to order in the Board Room at 6:04 PM

The first agenda item was to establish the FY19 Superintendent Goals. Mr. Wolter reminded the group of evaluation goals. 

Ms. Kruger asked the board to recall the School Board’s goals drafted in July 2017. It was decided the goals would be discussed but not decided upon at this meeting. After a lengthy discussion a timeline was established and the board decided to set goals at the September work session. Personal professional development goals outlined by Mr. Swenson included more involvement at the state level and a book study for the administrative team.  

Next Agenda item was to review referendum publicity. There are two informational sessions scheduled, one on  9/18 at 8:00 pm and a second on10/8 at 6:00 pm both will be held in the High School LMC. Mr. Swenson informed the Board that the Review and Comment was sent to MDE. Discussion moved to Open House night. The board would like to have visuals and Q & A tables at open house. Information to include talking points, pamphlets to include tax impact, list of items on the ballot, shade the roof projects so they are clear, contact information for specific property questions, and web page link. 

Lastly there was discussion about options available looking at the class size of Grade 3. 

Next Work Session is scheduled for September 5 at 6:00 PM in the board Room.

This article is a summary of the minutes. The full text is available for public inspection at the District Office or online at http://www.isd738.org/school-board-meeting-agendasminutes.html.







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