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Hot tub for Evan

Hot tub for Evan
Hot tub for Evan

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Borgerding wish granted after two-year wait  

Local emergency personnel arrived en masse to the Borgerding home north of Sauk Centre Aug. 10, but this time, it was in celebration. After a couple of years of waiting, Evan Borgerding was finally getting an outdoor hot tub from the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and the emergency crew were coming to fill it with water from a fire truck.

This hot tub represents not only a wish granted for Evan, but to his parents, Brian and Kathy Borgerding – as well as all of Evan’s family, friends and caregivers – the gift grants another wish: for everyone to see Evan enjoying a fun, comfortable activity.

“I think it’s wonderful,” Kathy said. “All the people who’ve loved him and been able to be with him and have seen him grow can finally see him enjoy something.”

The journey to that moment began when Evan joined the Borgerding family about four years ago. He had previously had a wish request made with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, so Brian and Kathy Borgerding finished the paperwork, and approval came through in 2020.

Evan has multiple health issues that cause chronic muscle and joint pain, so the wish granters with the Make-A-Wish Foundation took those into consideration when determining what would be the ideal gift.

“The wish granters came out and assessed what he could qualify for,” Kathy said. “Evan’s extremely medically fragile, and he can’t travel very well because of his stiff joints and the aches, pains and soreness he has, so a trip was out of the question.”

The wish granters, Diane Guinn and Sara Pfannenstein, came up with an idea based on Evan’s loves of family time and bath time: a hot tub. Unlike a swimming pool, a hot tub allows for more

temperature control to help soothe Evan’s pains. The Borgerdings got to choose a tub from Valley Pools & Spas in Burnsville, with electrical work provided for by Erickson Electric Company in St. Cloud.

While the wish was approved in 2020, supply issues and other complications delayed the hot tub’s arrival for about two years. However, the Make-A-Wish Foundation kept in contact with the Borgerdings and had other gifts for Evan in the meantime.

“They delivered Christmas presents, they sent cards, they sent pictures, they put together a song about Evan, his family and who he is,” Kathy said. “They have been amazing and helpful, putting it all together and meeting with people.”

The Make-A-Wish Foundation also arranged for the Sauk Centre Fire Department to come fill the tub, and emergency responders from the Sauk Centre Ambulance Service, Sauk Centre Police Department, Stearns County Sheriff’s Office and Todd County Sheriff’s Office were also able to attend. Seeing the emergency vehicles was another bonus for Evan; even when he is being picked up for a medical emergency, he enjoys the lights and sirens.

The Aug. 10 crowd at the Borgerding home included Evan’s family, friends, medical care providers and Make-A-Wish Foundation wish granters. It only took a few minutes for the fire truck’s hose to completely fill the tub.

“To us, it just cements the power of the small-town community,” Kathy said. “It’s nice to celebrate in a positive setting, because EMTs have seen our kids in more critical situations, and now, with him being healthy and them being able to see him, I think it’s a real blessing.”


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