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Horticultural know-how

Horticultural know-how
Horticultural know-how

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Sadowski takes over as area extension educator

The University of Minnesota Extension welcomed a new educator Aug. 15. 

Quincy Sadowski began her position as a horticultural extension educator in Benton, Morrison, Sherburne and Stearns counties. Sadowski replaces former educator Katie Drewitz. 

“I am passionate for what extension does and what it can offer to our communities, but I also love the opportunity that extension allows you to continue learning,” Sadowski said. “There shouldn’t be a day that goes by that you don’t learn something; that’s a waste of day then. I’m excited about the education that can happen in this role, and I truly believe in the program.”

Sadowski digs the diversity of plant life and is passionate about local food. She wants to help people use plants efficiently as a food source. 

“Ever since I was little, I have worked with plants so this is something natural for me to do,” Sadowski said.

“I love watching things grow. I like seeing the stages of life they are in, and I like knowing I helped them in some way during their growth season. My background is both animal and plants, and I wanted to get the best of both worlds.”

Sadowski was born in Ohio and has spent time living in Minnesota’s Dakota County as well as Utah and Illinois. She learned about gardens and the natural world from her parents and, as a child, her involvement in 4-H kept her busy and allowed her to explore her interests. 

Sadowski received an undergraduate degree in animal science from Utah State University and a master’s degree in crop science from the University of Illinois. She graduated this spring.  

“That’s when I thought, now is time to do something different,” Sadowski said. 

As horticulture educator, Sadowski will help coordinate the University of Minnesota Extension Master Gardener program as well as provide garden cultivation and management education to the community.

“I have some ideas brewing,” Sadowski said. “I hope to get some new programs started and bring my own ideas to the area.”

Sherburne County was added to Benton, Morrison and Stearns counties, which already share various extension educator services. Sadowski will dedicate some time to redefining how to reach the county which has not had a horticulture extension educator in a number of years. 

With three years of previous experience working as office support for the University of Illinois Extension, Sadowski has a well-rounded idea of what her position entails. She is excited to return to Minnesota. 

“I applied on a whim; I thought I’ll put my hat in the ring and see what happens,” Sadowski said. “I can feel the support the community gives and that makes it exciting to be able to turn around and help the community here in return. I’m looking forward to making connections with people and learning how I can be of help to them because it’s really their program. I’m here to support them the best I can. My job is to help them be successful.”


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