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The creative corner

The creative corner
The creative corner

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Schliemann opens Multiple Creations

Sauk Centre’s artistic opportunities continue to grow with the opening of Multiple Creations at 965 Main Street South in Sauk Centre. The owner, Roxanne Schliemann, has started her business to help people with their DIY projects, bringing a range of paints, stencils and more for people to let out their individual creativity.

Schliemann grew up on a dairy farm outside St. Rosa and, after living in various Central Minnesota cities, returned to live in the St. Rosa area. COVID-19 and the general shutdowns of 2020 were what inspired her to begin her own aesthetic business.

“A lot of people were trapped in their houses,” Schliemann said. “You just start looking at stuff and wondering what you can do to make it all look better – at least, that’s the way I was.”

Previously, Schliemann had never planned to start her own businesses; she had been working for Stearns County for about 10 years, but she was let go after taking time off to care for her terminally ill brother. She had planned on working for the county until retirement, but without that as an option anymore, she began her business venture.

“I believe that, when one door closes, a window opens,” Schliemann said. “So, maybe this is where I’m supposed to be.”

From the outset, Schliemann knew she wanted to carry three brands of paint: Dixie Belle, Paint Couture and Amy Howard at Home. She knew she wanted them because they were good for both decorating and crafting, as well as other do-it-yourself projects. Paint Couture is an acrylic-type paint that is heavily pigmented; Dixie Belle is a chalk paint, often used for redoing furniture; and Amy Howard at Home is a milk-based paint which is good for layering. Multiple Creations also stocks stencils, transfers and similar artistic items.

Schliemann originally considered setting up shop in Albany, a little closer to her home, but she happened across the Sauk Centre location while on a shopping trip, and everything fell into place. Right after signing the paperwork for the space, she stopped into Walmart to see if they had any mis-dyed paint she could get for a discount and paint the business walls.

“It ended up being purple, and purple’s my favorite color,” Schliemann said. “I think I got the whole gallon for $11, booya!”

For Schliemann, the business name “Multiple Creations” is a perfect fit.

“I had quadruplets 19 years ago and I’m creative, so Multiple Creations,” Schliemann said. “It just came to me one day.”

Schliemann has found Sauk Centre to be welcoming to her business so far. She hopes to someday teach classes on sign painting, milk paints, glass etching or gold leafing; she also has been working on making wooden rose-like flowers.

“I’m a Jane of many trades and master of none,” Schliemann said. “I’ve got all kinds of things going on here. I’m looking forward to staying here a while, getting to know more people and helping them with any of their DIY projects.”


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