December 14, 2022 at 4:36 p.m.

Fusion start swim season

Fusion start swim season
Fusion start swim season

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Melrose-Sauk Centre swim and dive falls to Sauk Rapids-Rice

The exciting race Dec. 9 of the Melrose-Sauk Centre Fusion boys swim and dive team’s 101-79 loss to Sauk Rapids-Rice at Melrose Area High School in Melrose, came in the 100-yard butterfly.

Jacob Robischon trailed SRR’s Noah Blodgett by almost a second in the final lap of the race. Blodgett had led almost from the start.

After the final turn, it was clear Robischon was closing the gap. With each stroke, he came closer. In the final few feet, they were pretty much neck-and-neck. When the race ended, the clock showed Blodgett had won by .19 of a second. No other race was that close on the night. To the coaches, that effort was not surprising.

“Jacob had a great race,” said James Schreiner, co-head coach. “We are impressed with him. He has a goal set for what he wants to do.”

Robischon was claimed the silver medal in the 200 individual medley and with the 400 freestyle relay.

His abilities in the butterfly were no small factor in Melrose-Sauk Centre winning the 200 medley relay. That was one of three races won by the Fusion. It was not through lack of effort that they didn’t take more.

“SRR is a very good team,” Schreiner said. “We knew they were going to win a lot of events, but we were pretty pleased with where some of these guys came in. We had a lot of personal bests.”

That showed almost every race of the night. In most of them MSC finished as runner-up with respectable time. They did have individual firsts from Adam Wilwerding who won the 100FS and 100BK races.  He also started the first place 200MR unit. Others with the unit were Robischon, Sevrin Anderson and Grant Eveslage.

In the 500 freestyle, SRR’s Cash Walz was clearly ahead of the others. He lapped every swimmer in the race and set a Melrose Area pool record with his finish.

200MR: 1. Adam Wilwerding, Sevrin Anderson, Jacob Robischon and Grant Eveslage 1 minute and 46.54 seconds; 3. Alex Wilwerding, Nolan Fleischhacker, Isaiah Zink and Zander Olmschenk 1:56.74. 200FS: 3. Thatcher Van Beck 2:07.97 and 5. Parker Sorenson 2:22.75. 200IM: 2. Robischon 2:12.59, 4. Fleischhacker 2:29.05 and 5. Anderson 2:32.19. 50FS: 2. Eveslage 24.98, 3. Zink 26.23 and 4. Zander Olmschenk 27.13. Diving: 2. Andrue Stalboerger 188.9. 100FLY: 2. Robischon 58.77 and 5. Zink 1:13.35. 100FS: 1. Adam Wilwerding 51.85 and 3. Alex Wilwerding 56.92. 500FS: 3. Van Beck 5:46.55 and 4. Eveslage 6:03.6. 200FSR: 2. Zander Olmschenk, Zink, Fleischhacker and Anderson 1:45.67. 100BK: 1. Adam Wilwerding 54.10, 3. Alex Wilwerding 1:06.21 and 5. Zaron Olmschenk 1:20.35. 100BR: 2. Anderson 1:09.50, 3. Fleischhacker 1:12.52 and 5. Zander Olmschenk 1:17.97. 400FSR: 2. Eveslage, Alex Wilwerding, Adam Wilwerding and Robischon 3:39.21.


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