May 24, 2022 at 3:23 p.m.

Joseph Merari

Joseph Merari
Joseph Merari


Joseph Merari, a.k.a. Terry Sundberg (Sundberg Ltd of London), a.k.a. Terry P. Mattson (Philanthro International LLC of Delaware, Task Ltd of Nevis, WCG/AC Big Sandy), was the only son of MT Sgt. Ivar Mattson. For nearly two decades, Joseph helped serve the intelligence community (MI6, CIA, Mossad, etc.) through various shell companies and shell corporations as an independent facilitator of sovereign debt solutions, government bonds, CDS contracts, commercial paper and private placements for various entities (including Document No. P00000098476 of Florida and Company No. 513204396 of Israel). With a “secure” landline and reels of fax paper, he helped connect prime ministers with presidents and generals with Bretton Woods’ bankers (as he was directly involved in over 100 non-disclosures in about three dozen countries spanning six continents). He lost over $300 million in assets on 9/11 (when two government bond partners were trapped on the top floor of the North Tower, and another partner was trapped in the South Tower). Of course, his losses were nothing by comparison to the losses incurred by the families and loved ones of those three partners. 

His introduction to the government finance sector of the intelligence community began in the 1980s in California where he found himself on the payroll of a certain foundation that helped procure intelligence gatherings from the communist block of nations by masquerading the head of a certain corporation sole as an “ambassador, without portfolio” to heads of state. For several years, their method of entry was on the wings of various Gulfstream models (with augmented contributions from certain members and co-workers). The CIA also utilized this method of intelligence gathering through a separate registered 501(c)(3) ministry based in Tulsa, Oklahoma (which is why T-Town was once covertly known as “Little Langley”). 

Joseph’s last seven years were mostly spent trucking shotgun through the contiguous 48 states with his only son, Joseph Merari II. Even though his last several months were spent blind and then ultimately paralyzed, Sir Joseph Merari had the uncoached capacity to clearly see the impure motives of his corruptible seed (love for money, power, control, etc.), and he could walk with the kind of genuine humility that is rarely seen. 

The requested musical playlist for his last day trucking bedridden in the semi’s sleeper berth consisted of “It Is What It Is,” “The Greatest Cowboy of Them All” and “Live Forever” (Highwaymen). 

As the full moon lowered itself upon the early morning horizon, he died at peace in his sleep May 16, 2022.  

His joyful wishes were to be cremated near the last sit-down diner he was able to visit with his son, Charlie’s Cafe in Freeport. As he would tell you, the German cuisine, currently served only on Wednesday nights, is finer than any he sampled in the Black Forest. As his son would tell you, the local authorities serving Stearns County are the finest caring professionals one could ever ask for. 

For those who desire to pay their respects in writing, Joseph Merari’s twitter account (@JosephMerari) will serve as a perpetual memorial service.




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