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Albany teen follows her family’s civic duty tradition

Albany teen follows her family’s civic duty tradition
Albany teen follows her family’s civic duty tradition

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Incumbents win Albany, Melrose school board, city council races


Eighteen-year-old Ana Diederich voted for the first time Nov. 8, and she was excited to do so. Ana and her mom, Juli Diederich, were the 18th and 19th voters at Albany City Hall.

Voting is a civic duty tradition in their family. Juli said it stems from her dad and Ana’s grandfather, Gary Nelson, who has been on the Glendorado Township Board in Benton County for 30 years.

“He tells us to vote and to find out what we can about who’s running beforehand,” Juli said Nov. 8, sitting behind her American Family Insurance-Kyle Hoium Agency LCC desk in Melrose where she is the office manager.

 They were among millions of Minnesota residents voting in the Nov. 8 mid-term elections. During the week following the election, results and statistics are made official at a meeting of the county canvassing board. Until the election is canvassed, the number of ballots cast in each precinct remains unofficial.

Locally, there were races in Albany and Melrose and write-ins agreed to fill seats on the Avon and New Munich city councils, when new terms begin Jan. 1, 2023.   

Incumbents Alan Amdahl and Adam Rushmeyer were re-elected to the Albany City Council.

The top three vote getters in the Albany School Board election were incumbent Amy Sand and Dean Dirkes and Steve Rueter, both new to the board in 2023.   

Joe Finken won a third term for Melrose mayor.

Melissa M. Poepping will join incumbents Mark Heidgerken and Becky Feldewerd on the Melrose School Board.

Mark Schulzetenberge, a write-in for Avon City Council member, will fill the open position, joining Katie Reiling who was reelected.

There were 57 write-ins for New Munich mayor, which no one filed to fill. A new mayor could be determined from write-in names.


Unofficial election results with *denoting winners:

Albany School Board

*Dean Dirkes 2,924 votes

*Amy Sand 2,819

*Steve Rueter 2,314

Dustin Henkelman 1,404

Write-in 396

Albany City Council


*Tom Kasner 871


Council members:

*Adam Rushmeyer 639

*Alan Amdahl 507

Bruce Winter 463

Write-in 6

Avon City Council


*Jeff Manthe 726

Write-in 22

Council members:

*Katie Reiling 602

*write in Mark Schulzetenberge

*Write-in  457

Freeport City Council


*Michael Eveslage 296

Write-in 5

Council members:

*Tim Hennen 262

*Sarah Blake 220


Greenwald City Council


*Peter Heinze 92


Council member:

*Bill Frieler 90

Write-in 2


*Amy Stueve 94


*Joseph Schwieters 91

Write-in 2

Grey Eagle City Council


*Joseph A. Arnzen 115

Write-in 23

Council members:

*Brian Hollenkamp 115

*Roland Ahrendt 79

Write-in 27

Council member special election:

*Bradley Michael Johnson 69

Chris Browen  66

Grey Eagle Township

Supervisor Seat B:

*John Young 186

Raymond Bense153

Supervisor Seat C:

*Alan N. Roering 198

Ronald Frericks 127

Meire Grove City Council

Council members:

*Mike Wehlage 37

*Kurt Meyer 29

Bobby Deters 23

Melrose School Board

*Mark Heidgerken 2,296

*Becky Feldewerd 2,026

*Melissa M. Poepping 1,887

Carrie Austin 1,425

Keith Fischer1,127

Write-in 71

Melrose City Council


*Joe Finken 847

Bob Pottratz 300

Write-in 7

Council members:

*Travis Frieler 874

*Joelene Wieling 740

Write-in 18

New Munich City Council


*Write-in 57

Council members:

*Kurt Thelen 99

*Jordan Schmiesing 98

Write-in 5

Spring Hill City Council


*Rhonda Schmidt 24

Write-in 2

Council members:

*Brian Pung 25

*Linda Athmann 25

St. Martin City Council


*Thomas G. Gray II132

Write-in 4

Council members:

*Ron Olmscheid 98

*Carol Thelen 97

Patrick Myhre 53


St. Rosa City Council


*John Arnzen 23

Write-in 2

Council members:

*Keven Sunderman 23

*Michael R. Arnzen 21

Write-in 1


*Bonnie Sunderman 24

Stearns County

County Auditor:

*Randy Schreifels 50,947

Write-in 336

County sheriff:

*Steven Soyka 50,291

Write-in 403

County attorney:

*Janelle Kendall 49,308

Write-in 536

County Commissioner District 3:

*Jeff Bertram 9,883

Barry M. Belknap 4,753

Write-in 52

County Commissioner District 5:

*Steve Notch 11,047

Write-in 67

Soil and Water Supervisor District 1:

*Chuck Uphoff 48,360

Write-in 288

Soil and Water Supervisor District 5:

*Thomas Gregory 48,079

Write-in 277

U.S. Representative District 6

*Tom Emmer 198,144

Jeanne Hendricks120,847


U.S. Representative District 7

*Michelle Fischbach 204,770

Jill Abahsain 84,454

Travis “Bull” Johnson 16,421

Write-in 226

State Senate District 5

*Paul Utke 28,732

A. John Peters 10,688

Write-in 32

State Senate District 12

*Torrey Westrom 26,179

Kari Dorry 10,813

Ashley Klingbeil1,485

Write-in 16

State Senate District 13

*Jeff Howe 27,295

Alissa Brickman 11,648

Write-in 36

State Representative District 5B

*Mike Wiener 13,680

Gregg Hendrickson 4,423

Write-in 50

State Representative District 12A

*Paul H. Anderson 13,281

Edie Barrett 5,388

Write-in 21

State Representative District 12B

*Mary Franson13,756

Jeremy Vinar5,908


State Representative District 13A

*Lisa Demuth 15,190

Andrea Robinson 5,325

Write-in 11

State Representative District 13B

*Tim O’Driscoll 12,256

Melissa Bromenschenkel 6,092

Write-in 14

State Governor

*Tim Walz and Peggy Flanagan 1,311,607

Scott Jensen and Matt Birk 1,119,181

James McCaskel and David Sandbeck 29,425

Steve Patterson and Matt Huff 22,647

Hugh McTavish and Mike Winter 18,171

Gabrielle M. Prosser and Kevin A. Dwire 7,260

Write-in 1,052

State Attorney General

*Keith Ellison 1,253,690

Jim Schultz 1,232,837

Write-in 2,379

Secretary of State

*Steve Simon 1,344,937

Kim Crockett 1,119,213

Write-in 2,095

State Auditor

*Julie Blaha 1,167,556

Ryan Wilson 1,159,085

Tim Davis 87,361

Will Finn 44,244

Write-in 1,354


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