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Spirit shows in Streeters’ successful home finale

Spirit shows in Streeters’ successful home finale
Spirit shows in Streeters’ successful home finale

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Sauk Centre tops Montevideo at Breast Cancer Awareness Meet 

Breast cancer is a prevalent affliction affecting women all across the United States and the world, and the Sauk Centre Streeters girls swim and dive team make a concerted effort yearly to call attention to the all-too-common disease.

At the team’s annual Breast Cancer Awareness Meet, adorned with pink caps, sunglasses, hats and even pom-poms, the Streeters raised money for the continued fight against breast cancer. Additionally, the emotional night saw Sauk Centre pick up another West Central Conference victory, a 105-70 win over the Montevideo Thunder Hawks Oct. 4 at Sauk Centre High School in Sauk Centre.

“I think it’s a good reminder for them (the Streeters) that there’s a bigger thing than swimming in the pool,” said James Schreiner, head coach. “There’s a lot going on in the world and a lot going on in people’s lives, and these things are important. They can have fun, but it also helps them get that big-picture view of what so many people are dealing with.”

The community came out in full force to support breast cancer awareness and its Streeters in its final home meet of the campaign, giving the team an extra incentive to show out. Sauk Centre thoroughly outpointed Montevideo in the meet-opening 200-yard medley relay. Stella Schirmers, Violet Anderson, Addison Bick and Maizie Jennissen hustled to first in the event at 2 minutes and 4.09 seconds, while Carmen Loxtercamp, Brooke Bromenshenkel, Jorja Novak and Pyper Vogt arrived at the finish 1.11 seconds later to grab second.

“You want to come out and put on a show for the crowd, that’s for sure,” Schreiner said. “Tonight, we had an opportunity to split up those relays and have those races with each other and be competitive and they certainly did that.”

Sauk Centre also held its Senior Night during the impactful meet, and seniors Maia Volkmann and Megan Heveron each left the pool with a lot to like about their performances. Volkmann seized first in the diving competition with 159.80 points and was a member of the first-place 200 freestyle relay, while Heveron pumped out event wins in the 100 freestyle and 200 freestyle races. 

“These two girls are well-respected by their teammates, and that’s evident from the way the girls respond to them,” Schreiner said. “They’re great leaders, and to see their home calendar come to an end, it’s bittersweet for them, but exciting to have them perform the way they did as a real positive note.”

Even with many roles already established as the postseason approaches, breakthroughs occurred. Pyper Vogt registered an impressive 5:55.65 mark to win the 500 freestyle and sprinted to a sub-27-second triumph in the 50 freestyle and Stella Schirmers and Brooke Bromenshenkel logged the top times in two events each as the Streeters claimed victories in the first nine events before racing the final two events as exhibitions.

Olivia Marsh also found success, garnering one of Sauk Centre’s several second-place finishes with a 2:20.27 in the 200 freestyle. It was the first time Marsh had competed in the event all fall.

“Olivia is just hardworking, and does what she needs to do in practice every day,” Schreiner said. “I’ve had her in a lot of different events this year and she does them all.”

The Streeters will battle the dangerous Melrose Lady Dutchmen in a conference contest at 6 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 13, at Melrose Area High School in Melrose.

200MR: 1. Stella Schirmers, Anderson, Bick and Maizie Jennissen 2 minutes and 4.09 seconds; 2. Loxtercamp, Bromenshenkel, Novak and Vogt 2:05.71. 200FS: 1. Heveron 2:07.72, 2. Marsh 2:20.27 and 4. Volkmann 2:28.71. 200IM: 1. Bromenshenkel 2:24.72, 2. Anderson 2:43.16 and 3. Livia Jennissen 3:00.69. 50FS: 1. Pyper Vogt 26.99, 2. Maizie Jennissen 27.21 and 4. Bick 29.45. Diving: 1. Volkmann 158.90, 4. Nora Thompson 114.75 and 5. Abigail Eiden 110.25. 100FLY: 1. Schirmers 1:04.06, 2. Bick 1:10.45 and 4. Novak 1:14.97. 100FS: 1. Heveron 57.30, 2. Loxtercamp 1:01.44, 3. Katie Gregory 1:05.58. 500FS: 1. Vogt 5:55.65, 2. Maizie Jennissen 5:59.85 and 4. Brooke Larson 6:51.03. 200FSR: 1. Heveron, Volkmann, Novak and Bromenshenkel 1:53.80 and 3. Stella Schirmers, Sylvie Schirmers, Afton Vogt and Pyper Vogt 2:01.64. 100BK: Stella Schirmers 1:07.12 (EX), Loxtercamp 1:10.31 (EX) and Marsh 1:12.53 (EX). 100BR: Bromenshenkel 1:12.92 and Anderson 1:24.06 (EX). 400FSR: Marsh, Volkmann, Bick and Loxtercamp 4:21.19 (EX) and Makenna Barthel, Sylvie Schirmers, Larson and Gregory 4:46.55 (EX).

Alexandria 105,

Sauk Centre 81

The best barometer of performance often comes from playing the best competition on your schedule.

The Streeters faced off against the Alexandria Cardinals, one of the favorites to win Section 6A, and put together several competitive races, but ultimately could not outmatched its area foe in a 105-81 loss Sept. 29 at Discovery Middle School in Alexandria.

Sauk Centre got the meet started on the right note, winning the 200-medley relay. Stella Schirmers, Bromenshenkel, Bick and Heveron totaled a 1:56.54-time, outpacing Alexandria’s A relay by 1.21 second.

The Streeters continued its strong pace in the 200 freestyle, with Vogt, Maizie Jennissen and Jorja Novak taking second, third and fifth, respectively.

Alexandria gained valuable points through a 1-2 finish in the diving competition, but Sauk Centre never went away. Bromenshenkel’s 2:22.75 race was enough to win the 200 individual medley, Stella Schirmers picked up event victories in the 100 butterfly and 100 backstroke and Heveron won the 100 freestyle.

The Cardinals, however, collected 10 points in both of the final relay events by taking first and third, enough to keep the Streeters at bay.

200MR: 1. Stella Schirmers, Bromenshenkel, Bick and Heveron 1:56.54. 200FS: 2. Pyper Vogt 2:11.55, 3. Maizie Jennissen 2:11.90 and 5. Novak 2:20.96. 200IM: 1. Bromenshenkel 2:22.74 and 5. Livia Jennissen 2:57.65. 50FS: 2. Loxtercamp 26.86 and 5. Bick 28.76. Diving: 3. Volkmann 153.40, 4. Eiden 119.20 and 5. Thompson 109.85. 100FLY: 1. Stella Schirmers 1:03.16 and 3. Bick 1:09.95. 100FS: 1. Heveron 56.20 and 4. Loxtercamp 59.95. 500FS: 2. Pyper Vogt 6:02.05, 3. Maizie Jennissen 6:03.78 and 4. Novak 6:16.19. 200FSR: 2. Bromenshenkel, Maizie Jennissen, Loxtercamp and Heveron 1:46.60. 100BK: 1. Stella Schirmers 1:03.45 and 4. Marsh 1:10.38. 100BR: 2. Bromenshenkel 1:12.04 and 5. Livia Jennissen 1:28.55. 400FSR: 2. Vogt, Maizie Jennissen, Loxtercamp and Stella Schirmers 3:58.47.


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