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25 roles in 25 years

25 roles in 25 years
25 roles in 25 years

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Welle honored for her commitment to SHS

Student after student handed Kathy Welle a red rose Sept. 30, while she sat in a chair on the altar steps of Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Freeport. Each student also displayed a school item Welle played a role in during her 25 years at the nearby Catholic school.

“What is her title,” Kristie Harren, principal asked people sitting in the pew, many who were grandparents of students since it was Grandparent’s Day.

In 1997 Kathy Welle thought she was going to join Sacred Heart School staff and be the very first school secretary. What that entailed no one really knew.

 She wasn’t new to the school as her children were already attending school here, but little did she realize the many roles she would take on.

“So today, Kathy, we want to thank you for all the ways you have blessed Sacred Heart School and those in it. Each of your roles have shown us how you loved and cared for us, so today we want to express our great appreciation and love for you,” Harren said. “You started here, kind of like an empty vase, not sure what to expect.”

The first student presented Welle with an empty vase which was quickly filled up with roses, while items depicting her 25 roles were placed by participating students on the steps in front of her, including a phone, ice pack, dictionary, mail, copy machine paper, band aides, teacher supplies, thermometer, and a plunger for her all-time favorite job of attending to the toilets, Harren said.

“For fixing computers, sometimes just by standing next to them,” Harren said. “For being our walking telephone book, our walking dictionary, … our walking google. Let’s be honest, if you want to know something about SHS we don’t google it, we Kathy Welle it.”

“For pressing the button for visitors, students and staff to enter our building.”

“For being our counselor, detective, comedian, our friend and mentor,” Harren said. “For being a grandma to many. For being our welcoming smile and friendly ‘good morning,’ as you sit and wait at your desk each day. You filled our school with love.”

Sitting in the front row watching was Kathy’s husband Dave and some of their seven sons, Peter, Andy, Joel, Chris, Ryan, Tim and Kevin.

“Thank you for the sacrifices you have made along the way,” Harren said. “Thank you for helping your mom with her many roles. I hear she is still trying to pay some of you back.”

Holding the flower-filled vase, an emotion-filled Welle thanked everyone for the special honor and said she is grateful for her second family at Sacred Heart School.


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